About Notaurious

Stylish, resourceful, and dedicated are some of the best words to describe Taurean Scotland.

Taurean works with Manifesto Community Projects, an organization working to unite, inspire, and empower diverse communities of young people through arts and culture.Taurean is the Merchandise Programmer and co-designer of the organization’s MNFSTO clothing line and the lead programmer for The Freshest Goods program, a project for emerging fashion and retail talent in Ontario. With over a decade of experience in the world of retail, Taurean has worked for notable brands such as adidas, Nike and New Balance and was the Manager of streetwear store Lounge.

An active member of the Toronto hip hop scene, Taurean got his start in the community as a promoter of various events in Toronto, such as 2000 Til and The Main Ingredient. He has also helped work on events for local artists Drake, Eternia, Ayah, and many more.

Born in Montreal and raised in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough, Taurean currently resides in the downtown neighbourhood of Parkdale.

Music, fashion, animation, music videos, magazines and more can be found on the Notaurious Blog. It’s a hub of things from Taurean’s point of view. From his favorite new mixtapes, songs, trailers and music videos which can always be found in the weekly round-up series. Magazine covers, Top 10 Countdowns, Taurean wanted the blog to be a fun place to kill time have a laugh and voice your opinions on all things pop culture.


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