The Shopify blog has been one of the best resources for me and my brand. Ever since we’ve been using Shopify for our E-Commerce site we’ve been following their informative blog. I think for anyone that has a small business or just getting started with a business. This is probably the best, if not only blog you’ll need to reference.

Shopify Logo

The blog covers a wide variety of topics, from stories about other entrepreneurs, helpful tips to grow your business, solutions for any problems you may have, tools to help with your site and so much more. It’s a blog that you can definitely find yourself immersed in for many many hours. I know have went from one story to the next or found myself watching many videos on their youtube channels. Below are three pieces we recently read that we like. Click the title to read the post.

Shopify Blog

11 Organic Social Media Marketing Tactics to Increase Your Reach Online
I found this post to be very helpful, as right now we’re posting new products and our goal for the summer is to build up our social following. I like how it offered other options than just using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Thunderclap sounds like it would work for us when we launch a new tee. The tip on hashtags was great, we use a lot of hashtags for posts. Looking for more ways to use them is very helpful. Somethings I already knew about such as pinning posts to the top but it was nice to have the reminder that sometimes these tactics can work when used correctly. Overall I thought it was a great post that touched on familiar engagement ideas and showed some great new ones.

How to Start a Buying Frenzy: Two Creative Sales Campaigns Designed for Massive Growth
This was a good read, it got me thinking about how to use one of the tactics presented. The options are “Flash Sale” or “Velvet Rope” funnels. For Notaurious we’re not really thinking on how to mark down our products just yet as we’re still new and it wouldn’t make sense to start cutting prices. But when the time comes I will be revisiting this story. Of the two sales funnels proposed I like both options, but I would go with the Velvet Rope funnel. I like the idea of being able to offer customers something exclusive, it rewards those who have been following and supporting and it can help gain new customers. By having something set up like a club these customers will be with us and they can become bigger fans and advocates of our brand. To me that has lasting effect. The Flash sale funnel is fun, I think once we get a big following it’s something that we can use very well.

The Art of Streetwear: How the Legends League Turned a Creative Outlet into a Brand
It was great to see Shopify do a profile on Bryan Espiritu and Legends League. We’ve seen this brand start from selling tees out of a bag in clubs to now having their own retail space. Bryan’s journey is an incredible one that many people can learn and draw inspiration from. Even when we design sometimes we think is this at Legends League level, to us that’s a bar we want to be at. Reading his story and and some of the points in this article gave us more fire to keep creating and to keep on pushing with our brand.

Sometimes people will ask how we came up with something or where did we get something. Most of the time we direct people to Shopify. It’s been a great resource for us hopefully anyone else with a business you can find something for you with their blog. No matter how big or small we go with our business we will probably always use Shopify to help us out.


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