Cavs Vs Warriors

Here we are ladies and gents, the beginning of the end, The NBA Finals. It’s the finals I was hoping we would get since last year, a rematch between The Cleveland Cavaliers and The Golden State Warriors. Will we see a repeat of last year? Doubtful, this time it’s not going to just be Lebron against the Warriors. He has his whole team with him to back him up. The Cavs have also had a much easier run in the playoffs compared to the Warriors. Don’t count the Warriors out just yet. I mean that comeback run on OKC, damn. I honestly thought they were done at 3 – 1 I didn’t think it was possible. It was truly some epic shit they pulled off to win the Western Conference finals. So now they have 4 more games to play against a team that has only lost twice in these playoffs. A team that wants to bring home it’s first NBA Championship. A team that would love to end their historic season 73 – 9 season. This is some great stuff. I think we’re in store for what could be a great finals. I think Golden State is more than ready for a challenge and I’m glad their final test will be against Cleveland.

Finals Trophy

Golden State in 6.


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