I love the NBA playoffs, outside of the Christmas games and All-Star it’s probably the best time to watch some bastketball. I hear Final Four is great but I never got into it, but should I be in a bar or at someone’s house I will watch. Back to the matter NBA playoffs, best time of the spring going into summer. I’m a Laker fan but since their chances of getting into playoff race are slim right now. I needed a new team to root for in the post season and for the last 3 seasons it’s been the home team The Raptors.


We have a solid team with 2 All-Stars, great role players, a good coach and a huge fan base. This year was the best ever, in franchise history and while Kobe was doing his farewell tour, I actually started to really pay attention to The Raptors. I remember watching a few games and thought, “If they play like this, we have a legit realistic shot of making to the Eastern Conference Finals”. I watched more and thought, “Yo they might even go all the way.” I think a lot of us thought that. I mean it wasn’t an impossible thought. The Raptors finished 2nd in the east and not because the conference is the weaker of the two, but because they earned it. So going into the playoffs our chances looked real good.

Then the playoffs hit, what happened??? Where did the team that went 56 – 26 go? It felt like the Raptors weren’t taking these games seriously. It’s like everyone just forgot how to play. My energy went from “We can go to the finals!!!” to “We just gotta get past the 1st round.” Which is sad. Thankfully we just barely got past Indiana. That fourth quarter in game seven would give anyone a heart attack. Now we’re in the middle of Round 2 against the Heat and I want them to win, but I don’t feel like their ready for LeBron and The Cavs. I mean look at what they did to Atlanta. The Raptors will have to step it the hell up over the next two games if they even want to get to that stage. It’s like getting to Goro in Mortal Kombat. You can get there but you know you won’t even get a hit on him.

Kyle and DeMar

I want to see this team succeed, I really do I think we have some great talent. Maybe we’re missing that superstar that can just take over and win us games. I mean we should have that with Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan but they just aren’t those guys yet or they are but they aren’t showing it. Hopefully they can turn it on in Miami tonight, it’s a big game. I think I’ll watch the whole thing and not just wait till the last five minutes, which is probably the best part of Raptors playoffs, especially when they win.


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