For the past 2 days we here at Notaurious decided it would be a good idea, to give our readers a better idea of what we do, why we do what we do and just who is behind the brand. Well so far we’ve covered The T-Shirt Company, Christian told you his story so that leaves me up to bat.

Why Not 002

Well my name is Taurean Scotland and I launched the Notaurious blog on June 22 2010. It’s funny that date sticks in my head right up there with my wedding day, son’s birthday and wife’s birthday. It was my outlet to say what’s on my mind.For years I have been collecting and reading magazines and I wanted the blog to be my own online magazine. A bridge to the parties I was throwing or my friends were going to. I just wanted to share my thoughts with my friends and who ever would happen to come across it.

The Notaurious blog came at a very interesting time in my life, I was bouncing around different retail jobs. I had a great opportunity to run a great shop called Lounge. Up until that point I was just working at shops figuring I would eventually leave and get back into journalism or go back to school and do something in marketing. Lounge changed all that I really got into retail and the business and soon realized this could be an amazing career for me. I would be able to wear great clothes to work be around great people and I could grow with the business. While at Lounge I was able to put together a great blog for the shop and we had a pretty decent following on social media and forums. In early 2009 I left lounge and got a job at adidas. Right at that time I started to throw my own parties and I was really finding my voice, it was a great time. I always wanted to be a journalist it’s what I went to school for, so it became a great hobby. One that could be more but at the same time bills and rent must be paid. So while at adidas, I was working with Manifesto running their merch and Freshest Goods department. The blog took a back seat to those jobs. I would pop in from time to time to post stuff.

During my time at Manifesto, I met Christian and we started working on the merchandise for Manifesto’s clothing line MNFSTO. Before I was working at Manifesto full time I had put out the “Why Not” tee as a promo piece for the blog. I was able to get a friend to design it and it sold well. It was never really an idea to have my own clothing line. I always thought it would be better to just sell other designers goods which was what I was doing at Lounge and then moved into doing at Manifesto. It wasn’t until we started to make clothes for MNFSTO that I thought hey maybe I should look into making my own tees. Manifesto was great but it had it’s limitations on what we could do and how we could do it. So once I realized it was no longer worth my time to create for them. Christian and I decided to turn Notaurious in our own clothing line. Probably one of the best ideas ever.

Like I said earlier I would have never thought that I would start a clothing line. Growing up in Scarborough collection magazines I thought I would end up writing for XXL, The Source or Complex. That was my goal. Of course working in really great shops to support myself and my sneaker habit. I really started to learn a lot about this business and what great things I could do with it. Back in the Lounge days I would stock local designers because no one else would and there are great designers that needed a platform. They still need a platform to be heard, tried it at Manifesto didn’t go the way I wanted. So I guess it’s time to take everything I’ve learned and do it myself and for myself.

I have a few ideas of what the future holds for Notaurious and you’ll see them take shape. I never would have thought a blog I started would morph into a clothing line go to who knows where. The sky is the limit.

Read Part 2 HERE


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