Yesterday we posted about the T-Shirt Company in our 4 Part “Who We Are” series. Today we continue with one half of 8291 Christian. We decided to tell our own stories, read Christian’s below.


My name is Christian, I am a Christian, and I like to design cool $#!T (I don’t curse, so this will have to suffice).

Mos Def once rhymed, “Everybody acts according / to the season that they’re born in”. I was born in the summer of 1991, a season where people are in their calmest, most relaxed and positive state, and that’s me all day, every day. I was born a problem solver which means I can’t stand when people complain about problems. I believe that that time is much better spent searching for a solution, even if it takes a while, as long as you find the right one that works.

I don’t like stress: quite frankly I don’t care for it at all and that allows me to be free to not sweat the small stuff like lines in a grocery store or clients that demand a design miracle in twenty-four hours but take twenty-four days to pay me (okay, that still irks me a lot), but I do my best to practice patience: both in my personal and professional life.

I’ve always loved the magic created by a certain combination of colours on a page or a certain combination of notes on a piano. Design and music are two of my biggest joys in life, and my love for music is what brought me to design in the first place.

When I was 16, a family friend asked me, “What do you want to be?” You all know this question, the question that makes you feel like you’re under pressure to figure out your entire life’s purpose and meaning before you even finish high school. Since my mom almost 187’d me for saying I wanted to be rapper, and my dad almost sting-like-a-bee’d me for saying I wanted to be a boxer, I responded with what almost everyone says: I don’t know. Until I heard Lupe Fiasco for the first time on Touch The Sky by Kanye West. Maaaan, you couldn’t tell me anything, Lupe automatically became my favourite rapper of all time and I’ll go toe to toe in a debate with anyone who says he’s not one of the best rappers alive (and when I say best rapper, I mean best at rapping. Barz). But that’s a rant for another post.

I remember holding Lupe’s first album, Food & Liquor, in my hands for the first time and marveling at the cover art designed by Chuck Anderson. I was most amazed that the cover so accurately represented, for me anyway, the music on that CD and all the colours I saw in my head when I heard the album. I didn’t know that that was called graphic design, and I didn’t yet know what I wanted to be, but I knew that whatever I did I wanted to learn how to create that cover: I wanted to learn how to create that magic.

That led me to meeting Taurean, also a Lupe fan, while working at a non-profit doing branding and designing merchandise. Even though as a hip hop fan I had plenty of exposure to streetwear, Taurean really kicked that door open wide for me, and together we started Notaurious. I believe in creating cool $#!T and being free to be myself. That’s what Notaurious inspires me to do, and I hope that it inspires you to do the same.

This was supposed to be 500 words and I’m well over that. There’s more that I wanted you to know about me but for now I’m just going to run off this list of cool $#!T that I like:

Sonic the Hedgehog, Lupe Fiasco, Hiatus Kaiyote, N.E.R.D., dope album covers, watching and listening to stand-up comedy albums, podcasts (Brilliant Idiots all day) playing the drums, teaching Sunday School, daydreaming, designing skateboards, Rice Krispies Squares, Dragon Ball Z, dope headphones, dope backpacks, the colours of ice cream, BBC/Ice Cream, solving Rubik’s cubes, watching movies that came out before I was born, the random nicknames and witty banter between James Roday and Dule Hill in Psych (the God’s comma scene – Google that), making beats, taking long walks in the evening while listening to music, Sunday afternoon by the lake.

Read Part 1 HERE.


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