For the last month and a bit we’ve been posting about things we like, the new Knights collection and everything in between. In doing that we haven’t taken the time to tell our readers and visitors who exactly we are and what we do.

So this week we’ll tell you about The brand, this site and the minds behind it.

Notaurious Logo 2

To quote my all time favorite rapper Jay Z “Allow me to re-introduce myself…” This is the Notaurious blog started by me Taurean Scotland back in 2010. The purpose was to share my thoughts on music, pop-culture, movies, comics, promote the events I hosted, whatever was on my mind and liked.

The blog has always followed that formula, and will continue to follow that route as Notaurious moves into it’s next phase, The T-Shirt Company. The first tee that was made was the Why Not tee which was and still is the Notaurious slogan, mantra, motto. It was meant to be a way to promote the blog and events it was never intended to be the start of something bigger to come many years down the line.

Down the line meant teaming up with an amazing designer by the name of Christian Bortey, who shares a lot of the same interests as I do and from our past work experiences we decided to take Notaurious and flip it into a streetwear line.

We decided to start with the graphic tee because it’s something we both love. We feel like everyone likes a good t-shirt and we thought let’s put our thoughts and inspirations in a wearable form. And for us inspirations and ideas can come from watching TV or movie, an album or just something we see. We’re only getting started. We launched our “Pilot” collection last year online and in Toronto shop Community 54. The collection was small we wanted to test out how we would do. We did well, well enough that we chose to continue. We recently put out our second season which will be going online later this month. Speaking of seasons, we wanted to make each year like a TV season we drop at a certain time of the year and let that theme carry on for the entire year.This second season we have this is only the first part we split it up to tell a whole story.The reason is also time and resources and we want to put out stuff when it feels right to us. It’s tricky juggling family life and jobs but we make it work.For awhile we thought we might just do tees, maybe throw in some hats who knows. One of the things we like about having this is that it is ours to do with it as we like and we can play around with concepts and ideas at our own pace. The goal with the T-Shirt Co. is to always be fun. Make pieces that will make someone chuckle or start up a conversation somewhere. We also want to make the clothes we want to wear for ourselves, even if it might not be in style or to nerdy we’d rather be notorious for being our selves than moving with the trends.

Making what we wanted and liked is what lead us to the Knights collection that we have now. We both like sportswear and we thought let’s just make our own team. In that process we decided not to have that team be affiliated to one specific sport or city. We chose the Knights to be that symbol that team to represent Notaurious. The Knights are the first drop in our second season, the next one will be coming later this month.

Tomorrow Christian will tell you a little bit about himself.


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