So it finally came out after years of waiting, trailers, rumors, chip bags and more Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice finally came out. And to quote Robin from Young Justice “I’m just whemled” (If you’ve seen Young Justice you’ll get that.) Funny enough the movie had a lot of that fan service, cool little nods that would make me and the hardcore comic fans smile but go over everyone’s heads. Now I’m all for that except I wish there was more care in making a damn epic amazing movie that this was billed as. Now I don’t think the movie is total garbage but it’s not the greatest either.


There were a lot of great things to like about the movie, like Ben Affleck’s Batman!!! I think I was the only person who had faith in Ben pulling this off and boy did he. Batman was the best part of the movie, I mean he was the most fleshed out character, which I get since he’s a new Batman, but we didn’t need to see his parents get killed again. By now everyone knows the damn story, I get there maybe the odd person who doesn’t know that but I really don’t need to see another drawn out Batman origin. Thankfully we don’t get that we have a much older and angrier Batman who has clearly been through a lot in his 20 years of fighting crime. During some points of the movie I thought it would be cool to see some of this Batman’s adventures. Maybe we’ll get a comic or something. Getting back to Batfleck I gotta say the scene when he went to save Superman’s mom is probably the best Batman fight scene ever in a movie. And that’s saying something because what should have been the best Batman fight scene in a movie should be the one with him and Superman!!! There are two reasons why the fight didn’t do to much for me. 1, we see a good chunk of it in the trailers and 2, the set up wasn’t the greatest. The reason for them to fight and then become friends was so blah (I couldn’t think of a better word.) I liked how they played up each others strengths Batman’s brains vs Superman’s Strengths. Once Batman had the upper hand it was a wrap for Superman. Speaking of Superman, dude isn’t even really in the movie, he’s just a pawn in the whole thing. He’s so oblivious to the fact that people want to try and kill him or are looking for ways to bring him down. I guess it has to do with the fact he hasn’t actually had to take on any real adversaries. Lex Luthor is there but again when they meet it’s again underwhelming, Batman had a better scene with Lex and that’s not even his arch enemy. I feel like Superman got pushed aside to make way for Batman because every time Batman was on the screen that’s when the movie was at it’s best. I can’t think of any bad scenes with Batman/Bruce Wayne. Although I did have a chuckle during his training montage.This played in my head. But the Superman/Lois scenes were so hard get through by the end, I just couldn’t deal with them. They should have titled the movie Batman Featuring Superman: Dawn of Justice.


day of the dead

The big thing with the movie is it makes it clear it’s setting us up for Justice League and the rest of the DC Movies to come down the pipe. I just wished there was some more focus on the movie we were watching as opposed to setting up another movie that will set up another movie. It’s one of the things I can’t stand with some Marvel movies. We know you’re going to make more just tell this story first. I was good with Wonder Woman she was cool, I guess we’ll wait for her movie to find out what she’s all about. Overall this movie had potential to be something great and in the end it was just ok. It’s like you drew up the perfect play for a touch down and miss the winning kick at the end. There will be more of these movies and I hope that next go round the kick is good.

What did you think of the movie?


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