Be Right Back!!!

2015 is on it’s way out and we here at Notaurious had a great year with the launch of “The Pilot”. It wasn’t in our plan to go this early with the launch but we did it and we were very pleased with the response it got from the pop-up at Community 54 and other events, to the OTO drops and the designs themselves. We took a look at everything we did in the past 6 months and decided that we will continue with Notaurious T-Shirt Co.

Christian and I have been hard at work on new designs and ideas for some great new pieces we will be introducing next year. With that we decided we need to focus on getting it ready so we’ll be taking a little break. After this weekend the web store will be closed but we will stock some merchandise at a shop in the city. As for the blog it will also be closed. We will keep updates on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Make sure to follow us there.

Once again we would like to thank everyone for their continued support and we’ll be right back in February 2016.

Taurean & Christian

Check out the new logo.

Notaurious Logo 2


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