2015 has been an amazing year for hip hop or as Aubrey Graham and Nayvadius Wilburn would say “What A Time To Be Alive”. It truly is. These guys owned the radio and the clubs all summer so why not put out out a mixtape to end the summer they owned. Now is it a classic? No, it’s a mixtape, I heard people comparing it to Watch The Throne, now that’s a classic. To me Drake and Future’s joint effort plays more like Best of Both Worlds from Jay Z and R Kelly. It plays on the strengths of both artists and gives their fan bases something to bump on their way to work or class.


Is that a bad thing? No, two, three weeks ago no one wanted or even thought of a Future and Drake mixtape. The fact we got one is good enough, there was such lil hype for it but once we knew it was coming that hype went 0 to 100 real quick. So now it’s out and I don’t mind it, I like it. I had to wait till it came on Tidal to take it in, which to me is a good thing. The intial hype had died down and I got to enjoy it on my own.

Drake Future

Production wise this tape was meant for three places the car, club and headphones. I found my self wanting to sing along to “Big Rings” on the train on the way work. Or dance around to “Jumpman”. I still don’t know what Future is saying half the time but when I did catch what he was saying it was good for me. Future was never one of my favorite rappers but he holds his own with the 6 God. Speaking of Drizzy I feel he definitely flipped his style to match Futures’s vibe and ride out to Metro Boomin and DJ Escos beats. We didn’t get to really hear Drake until “30 for 30 Freestyle” which could be one of Drake’s best songs of the year after “Back to Back”.

Like I said no one was looking or asking for this tape, but we got it and it’s still better than albums from most artists right now, it’s not the best from either of these guys. You can tell it was made in a week. It makes me wonder if they actually took their time with this what could have they made. Either way I’m going to bump this until Views From The 6 or Whatever next album/mixtape Future drops. And as for releases for 2015 this will go down as one of the big ones for the year so it does live up to it’s name.

Drake Future MEME

Top 3 Tracks
Diamonds Dancing
30 for 30 Freestyle


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