The time has come for some new releases from us, after weeks of deciding what to make for our next drop we decided to go in a different direction than planned. While coming up with The Pilot collection we created many different designs and colourways. Some things we love, hate and feel indifferent about. There were pieces and concepts that didn’t go with what is currently out and after some tweaks and more work we felt they would be a better fit for 2016. Knowing this we still didn’t want to put our growing business on hold while we work on our new collection. Our solution, we chose to go made to order for our fall collection with a series of monthly drops called One Time Only. We’re kicking things of with our first release this Friday. The way it will work is simple, on the 3rd Friday of the month we’ll release new product, that product will be available for sale for one week. Once the week is done we’ll take the product off the site and it will never be released again.

Check back tomorrow to see what we’re dropping.

Notaurious - OTO Logo ad-01


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