This past weekend was San Diego Comic-Con which to me feels more about comic based properties than actual comics themselves. The reason for that is every year the studios producing comic based films make their big announcements and trailer reveals at the event. Well this year was no different and the movie that pretty much had everyone going wild was Batman V Superman, instead of having to scour the internet for a shaky iPhone version of the trailer, the good people at Warner Bros put the the trailer online right after it premiered at Hall H. Which was great for me because I was hitting refresh on Collider all weekend for Con news. So just after playing a game of NBA 2K. I hit refresh and there it was the comic-con trailer!!! Of course I hit play and I had to hold in some excitement as my son was taking his afternoon nap. If you haven’t seen it yet check out then read my comments below.

I just watched it again. I can’t wait, great trailer. I fully believe Ben Affleck will be a great Batman, maybe even one of the best. Only time will tell, I believe in Batfleck. The new Batcave looks cool, the craziest part to me was the battered Robin suit with Jokers writing on it. This trailer leans heavy on the action which is fine, it looks incredible, it looks like we’re going to get more than one fight between Bats and Supes. Hopefully we don’t have to sit through a 20 min city destruction fight again like in Man of Steel. Speaking of the Man of Steel looks like he’s going to have a lot to deal with. This is a really interesting take on Superman, is he our saviour or something else. Growing up Superman was always this force of good. I never thought “Oh he is anything but that or what does someone like this mean to world.” I loved the line his mom told him about he doesn’t owe the world anything. I mean that goes against everything Superman is about. I’m excited to see how that plays out.What else was there, Lex Luthor. Not feeling the wig but Jesse Eisenberg looks like he’s having some fun with it, I just hope he’s not a cheesy Lex. Oh Wonder Woman, she just looks like eye candy. At least they could have had her say something or show more than her fighting and looking hot. This trailer has everything to get everyone excited from a die hard comic fan excited to the casual movie goer. Overall this movie has been a longtime coming. Honestly I don’t need to say any trailer to get me in the theater. It’s still a long wait to March 2016 so I’m going to try not to watch anymore trailers.


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