Damn It’s been 5 years since I started this blog. Now I don’t post nearly as much as I did in 2010 but I still come here from time to time to post music videos, top 10 lists, mixtapes and what ever maybe on my mind from time to time. I started the blog to help promote my parties I was throwing at the time and I just needed something to get my views across. Plus everyone was telling me to do it, so I did. It’s been a fun run. I can definitely say the next 5 years for this blog are going to be much much different. I don’t throw parties anymore but there is now the Notaurious T-Shirt Co which I’m super excited about. The Pilot is and continues to be a success, since it launched last month I’ve been debating how does this blog fit in with the T-Shirt line and where I’m at now and plan to go. Does it fit? I think it does. So over the next few days, there will be tons of new posts, some of the original concepts from 5 years ago will be here and there will be some new stuff too. It’s been a fun 5 years on this blog, can’t wait to see what the next 5 years brings.

Check back this Thursday I’ll be posting the Top 10 most popular posts of the last 5 years.


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