pilot pic

Ladies and gents here is your 1st look at the Notaurious T-Shirt Co. Pilot Collection. It’s been honestly a year in the making getting to just these three tees. I’ve been working on with co-designer Christian Bortey. I think if it was up to us we might still be working on it. We decided before we go full out with stuff we would test the market with these 3 tees. They drop next Friday, May 29th to find out where check back tomorrow. In the meantime check out the tees below.

This was the last piece to add to the pilot, it’s also one of my favorite pieces. The pattern are little Ns that look like arrows or if you flip it upside down they look like Vs hence the name Victaurious Pattern.

This was originally going to get cut from the collection due to the fact that everything is Toronto this, 6 something, 416 that, YYZ or something. We chose to keep it because it looks great. What inspired it was when I was growing up everyone wanted to be from New York or act like they were from New York, now it’s no longer that, we’re proud to rep Toronto. So this shirt is just our look back to the old town of York. I also like the infinity on the O, Toronto is a city of infinite possibilities and if you can make here you can make it anywhere.

This was the first shirt I’ve wanted to put out, I’ve been sitting on this for years. I don’t even remember how I came up with it, I just did had it mocked up and showed it to friends who said they would buy it. So if I was to ever jump the shark and start a line the “Top 5” had to be in the first wave even if I don’t make another shirt again, I’m happy I put this out. I can already see people yelling “I spit hot fire!!!” when I wear it out.


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