This past weekend The Legends League released their new FTP Collection. It’s one of my favorite Legend League collections to come out in a long time. Designer Bryan Espiritu is not a fan of the police, from his own experiences which he has spoken about in great detail on his blog and social media. He’s taken those experiences and has created a collection that speaks to police abuse of power, brutality and social injustice. Not only does this new collection speak to the times what I love about it, is every piece looks like a piece of art that sends a very powerful message.

A message about the collection from Bryan;

“My challenge to everyone is always to have a stance and hold your feet firm. Be pliable, but not pushable; understanding but not below the next wo/mans stance. If it empowers you to yell FREE THE PEOPLE, then bless up to you. We’re For The People. If it empowers you to say FUCK THE POLICE, then same way, We’re For The People. Do you. I’m not telling you to do otherwise. But have a stance. Have a stance and don’t let this shit continue without an interruption. Be safe.”

View and shop the collection HERE.

Some of my favorite pieces.


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