Jaden Smith’s The Cool Tape Vol 2 is good. Yes you read that correctly, Will and Jada’s first born put out a body of work that is actually worth listening to. The same kid that made songs with Justin Bieber and wore a white Batsuit to Kanye and Kims wedding, can actually rap. Now he’s not dropping Kendrick Lamar jewels or is the second coming of Bigggie, Jay Z or Nas, but after listening to the mixtape you can definitely hear some Drake, Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino. Which isn’t a bad thing given that Jaden is only 16 and if you think about it, these artists would be in his ipod and have a heavy influence on his sound.


I think his influences is what makes the Cool Tape a good listen, I wouldn’t say he’s biting their respective styles he’s definitely looking for a space in that lane and it suits him just fine. The tape is pretty angsty, even though Jaden is in big hit movies and is pretty famous he still can’t get the girl of his dreams even if she’s 20, his parents don’t get him and they fight a lot and he’s trying to find himself.

The album doesn’t have any features besides his little sis Willow who shows up on some of the stand out cuts like “Zoned” and “PCH”. They do make a great combination, they’re like a spaced out Donnie and Marie. My favorite song is the 10 minute epic “Let it Breathe” Jaden goes from rapping to a spoken word over space out beat. The production is another saving grace of the mixtape.

Overall this was a pleasant surprise, when you think about it, he is the son of The Fresh Prince. (Jazzy Jeff got 2 shout outs.) He may not be able to follow his foot steps as a action hero movie star but he’s sure keeping the family legacy alive in the rap department.

Download the tape HERE.


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