It’s only been a week and a bit since I’ve been back on the blog, I can honestly say I’ve missed it and will be back to it on a much more regular basis. The blog always was meant to be a one stop online hub for everything I’m into and up to. Well the blog isn’t the only place you can find me on the world wide web.

Feel free to follow or like Notaurious on your favorite social media platform.


The facebook page has become a spot for quick posts like magazine covers, cool links and it’s a place to ask a lot of questions. If ever want to get the inside scoop on any events we have going on it’s a good place to be connected to.


I’ll be honest I’m not on Twitter that much, but you never know should boredom strike, I’m always game for some 140 character debates.


No Selfies or Food pics, but I do post all sorts of other great stuff from events, new products, events and comedic memes.

That’s the Notaurious social if you look to right you can click the links to follow or like the pages. It would be a wise move, I’ll be using them a lot this month and in the future.


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