Here it is “The Six” Hoody our collaboration with Heartbeats T.O.“The Six” is a design that was inspired by Drake’s song “0 to 100” and my recent trip to The Bay Area. What sparked idea was the line. “The 6 ain’t friendly but it’s where I lay up/This shit a mothafuckin’ lay up/I been Steph Curry with the shot.”I heard the song while in California and I saw the Golden State Warriors “The City” hoody and thought of the line and that’s when it hit me to flip the design. I immediately called my design partner Christian Bortey and he whipped up what you see. Orginaly it had a different Toronto nickname, but we felt the Six fit the times. How Heartbeats fits in is, we needed somewhere to get this out and we both felt that Heartbeats T.O. was the perfect company to partner with and put out these hoodies. Once they saw it they agreed and here is the first and hopefully not the last piece we put out together.

Now for the details, the unisex hoodies are all made to order and will be available on sale on the Heartbeats T.O. site from Friday November 28th to Monday December 1st.


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