2014 is almost coming to a close and we’ve had tons of new slang enter our vocabulary from “Thot”(My fave.), “Bae” (This one needs to die.) and “Fleek”. (I dunno, don’t care.) Aside from Thot my favourite new slang term for 2014 is a nickname for Toronto “The Six”. The nickname was made popular by Drake who claims it was started by emerging Toronto rapper Jimmy Johnson. At first I didn’t like it, like most people did. It made me think, what the hell is the six? Why six? First answer that came to mind the area codes 416/647, ok cool that’s clever and then someone told me it may have to do with Toronto’s 6 Cities before amalgamation, Etobicoke, York, North York, East York, Toronto and Scarborough. After I heard that a lightbulb went off in my head and I thought that’s not a bad way to look at it, I can live in the Six. Reminds me of New York and the Five Boroughs.


Now I get most people hate “the Six” because it’s new or because it’s associated with Drizzy but in the long line of Toronto’s nicknames, I think this one is going to stick and the more you fight it the more it will stay, think about when your friends tried to give you cheesy nicknames the more you fought it the more they used it. It took me years to shake “T-Bag”. I doubt will be able to shake “The Six” anytime soon, I have a feeling my son and his friends will be calling Toronto the Six like it’s normal. Just look at the amount of clothing and hashtags and things that have popped up since the term popped up back in the summer. This is a new name for a new time. The city has tons of nicknames from my personal fave “T-Dot” to “Toronto the good”, “Hogtown” and “T.O.” I’ll happily add “The Six” to the list, not “The 6ix” that’s just dumb.


Photo: SoTeeOh


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