Tonight Parts and Labour is the spot to be for my favorite party of 2014 LEANT. DJ Royale and Big Jacks play some of best new music to come out all year and turn up the spot, while host/photographer Bozack Morris hypes the crowd on the mic. If you haven’t been I suggest tonight is the night you get your friends, family, crew, neighbour and whoever just come. What I love about the party besides the music is the atomosphere. This isn’t a stand around look cool party with bottle service and you come dressed to the nines. This is where you come to wild out, get sweaty and really let loose. Beer will spilled, your shoes will get stepped on but that’s part of what makes it so much fun.


Again, if you have no plans here’s a suggestion. Yeah it’s cold in Toronto but it’s going to be like that until March so just come out. Who knows you might meet your winter wifey/hubby tonight.


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