Star Trek Into Darkness rated high on my top 10 movies of the summer list and you know what it was an epic. An epic for those not familiar with Star Trek that has come before J.J. Abrams re-vision of the beloved franchise. I loved the 1st Star Trek movie, I grew up with a family of Trekkies and grew up on the original movies which is why I have some gripes with Into Darkness. I’ll get into those later what did I like? The IMAX 3D!!! Finally a movie shot with IMAX Cameras that actually lived up to the scale of what IMAX was meant to do and the 3D was an added bonus. By far best IMAX shot movie I’ve seen, sorry Dark Knight Rises, seeing Enterprise go to warp kills just about anything I’ve seen in IMAX. Star Trek looked amazing, the action is incredible it’s a true summer blockbuster. Benedict Cumberbatch, stole the whole show. He played a wicked villain and he has one of the creepiest voices ever. Man that guy could read the phone book and make it sound amazing.


Now it is not perfect and the reason I say that is because like I said earlier I grew up on Star Trek. I’ve watched the shows and movies. To be really honest behind all the 3D and great performances. It’s really just a re-hash of Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan. Yeah I said it. The minute John Harrison was revealed as Khan, I was like oh man I know exactly where this movie is going. I’ve seen Wrath of Khan many times and that movie is a classic. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it. It’s like The Dark Knight of Star Trek movies. This movie was trying to be that movie, while saying we’re not trying to be that movie.

A perfect example is the Kirk death scene, the whole movie is setting up this whole Spock isn’t scared to die thing and if you’ve seen wrath of Khan we know who dies. This movie just flips who dies but it doesn’t hit you the same. They copied the scene but we already know Kirk will be brought back to life from Khan’s blood because we’ve seen it happen. In Wrath of Khan Spock died and that was a truly touching moment it was sad, you believed it and hits you when it happens. I didn’t get that this time, I was like whatever Kirk is gonna come back with the blood. To me that didn’t kill the movie but it didn’t have the same effect. I’m not trying to compare the two, but it’s hard when you try to bring back such a classic Star Trek moment and it doesn’t have anywhere near the same effect as the original. I mean they didn’t even try to make Chris Pine look like he had radiation poisoning like they did to Leonard Nimoy. I felt if the writers chose to go with a more original take on Khan they could have truly made a classic movie. Star Trek looked great, the Enterprise crash scene was amazing but again similar thing happened in Wrath of Khan. See I can’t even talk about the movie with out going back to Wrath of Khan. Man it’s gonna bug me forever.

I will say that the end gives me hope that now this series of Star Trek movies can move in a great new direction since J.J. Abrams is off to now go make Star Wars movies. Which after seeing this does not get my hopes up. I mean he re-made Wrath of Khan why not re-make Episodes 1 to 3. I hope whoever they get to make Star Trek 3 and they will make another one will be brave enough to boldly go where no one had gone before.


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