It’s bad enough the city of Toronto is still suffering from our embarassing loss of the Maple Leafs in game seven of The Stanley Cup Playoffs to Boston. Last night our wonderful city got another stain of embarassment this one comes courtesy of our biggest stain Mayor Rob Ford. A writer for Gawker has claimed to have seen a phone video of our wonderful mayor taking puffs of crack cocaine with his dealers!!! The story sounds pretty crazy but when you think about it, it could be true. Even if it is what difference would it make? Mayor Ford has gotten himself out of many other problems since he’s been in office and I bet his team is working over time to figure out how to sweep this under the rug.

Rob Ford Smokes Crack

Click HERE to read the story.

My biggest question is how much money do the drug dealers want for this video? I mean their saying six figures but is anyone really going to shell out that type of money for this video? I don’t blame them for going after a huge pay day off of this but I feel like it could backfire. It will put a halt to their pharmacetical business. Why didn’t they go to The Star or a local paper first? Turns out The Toronto Star got to see the video see what they say HERE.
This whole thing stinks either way. I can’t stand Rob Ford, I think he’s a joke and I can’t believe people voted this guy as our Mayor. This is the man chosen to represent our city? An alleged crackhead who is an alleged alcoholic missuses his power for things like his beloved football team. I can go on about this guy but I won’t. It just sucks that once again Toronto this wonderful city is being embarassed by our joke of a Mayor.

What do you think of this whole situation? How do you feel about Ford?


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