Wait what happened to SkyDome? If you went to last year’s OVO Fest, like I did. Drizzy said “I’m retiring this stage and we’re going to the SkyDome!!!” Well it looks like that plan didn’t happen and we’re going going back to Molson Canadian Amphitheater but this time for 2 days!We actually have a festival. Day one features singer James Blake and fellow member of the “I Hate Chris Brown” club Frank Ocean. I think it’s a cool and eclectic line-up, I saw some grumblings on the net about these two being on it and I’m like why it’s OVO Fest it’s people they’re fans and friends of and that they want to see. I’m all for it, sucks my good friend is getting married that night so I will miss day one. Day two Featuring Drake and special guests I’ll be there for that for sure. Who are the special guests? No idea, but Drizzy and the gang always have great surprises. Should be another great night, or should I say 2 nights for Toronto.


Everything you need to know is right there. If you have never been to an OVO Fest, I suggest you make it out. It’s a Toronto staple.


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