For some strange reason, I never had to read The Great Gatsby in school. So seeing the movie last night I had no idea of what I was getting into. Now I knew the film took place in 1920s New York and it was about the mysterious Jake Gatsby. I was excited to check out the movie, since the book is a big deal and it’s directed by Baz Luhrmann who’s known for taking classic tales and turning them into big screen spectacles. Gatsby is a spectacle but not the greatest of spectacles, it’s in 3D and it doesn’t really need to be. So don’t see it in that format.


Now for the movie, I read how the movie would incorporate today’s music in the 1920s setting. I thought that could be a cool idea, it worked in the trailers, only the trailers in the actual film it’s a different story. I gotta be honest the music was a huge distraction at some parts. Especially the Jay-Z!!!!!!!! It’s no secret I’m a huge Jay fan but man this was a big mistake, I felt the wrong songs where used and some songs where super cringe worthy. Seeing a bunch of black people speeding down the bridge partying and popping Moet while “Izzo” was playing was sooooooo corny. It’s like some World Star shit in the 1920s, whack. The use of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” was not needed, also not needed Beyonce singing over Amy Winehouse’s “Back In Black”. I did like the use of some music when it fit the scene, like The Throne’s “Who’s Gon Stop Me” and Jay-Z’s “100 Dollar Bill” which acutally works when it’s in the context of the movie. Also the dubstep during one of the party scenes didn’t work, it looked like Project X at a mansion by the lake.

Once I got passed the music I was really into the movie. I liked the world that was created, it made almost want to go and be in the 1920s and then I realized it’s probably one of the worst era’s to live in as a black man. The movie looked great and there was one good 3D moment.(nothing big.) The Gatsby parties looked like what a rave with Rich people would look like or a 20s version of Studio 54. I like a good party and man those looked like great parties. Gatsby himself was a cool guy, calling everyone he met “Old Sport”, I liked that we was a happy guy, well not all the way happy he was missing the last piece to his happiness, Daisy. To me here is a guy that can have and do whatever he wanted and none of it mattered unless he had her. I was rooting for him the whole time, I thought he’s gonna get his girl and ride off into the sunset. Like all great love stories it ends in tragedy.

If you took out the out of place music and 3D, Gastby was good. I guess that has a lot to do with the source material and the stellar cast assembled. Leonardo DiCaprio is starting to age but we all get old and he’s what you expect from his movies. Tobey MaGuire will forever look like a nerd to me and I think I laughed at scenes I wasn’t supposed to with him. Could have used some more Isla Fisher she comes and goes. Honestly the movie just makes me want to pick up the book which could either make me like this movie more or just hate it. I just won’t read it while listening to the Throne.


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