Complex is back with their new June/July issue featuring good homies, Seth Rogen and James Franco on one side and on the flipside they have the beautiful Solange. I despise Complex’s site it has become corny but I am still a fan of the magazine.Complex is one of my favorite reads when I’m on the Streetcar heading to work. They don’t have the silly lists that over saturate the site and the people they cover are always interesting same with the fashion lines they cover. They may be a lot thinner than when it started but it’s a quick read that flies by. I love the minimal covers they’ve been doing in the last few years. This one is pretty funny, I feel bad for Franco because I don’t think he’ll get much meat off of a skinny Seth Rogen. The Solange side is simple and it makes you want to open the mag and read about this person. I hope they continue this trend, they were one of the reasons I started “Got It Covered”. I’ll be adding this to my collection for sure. Check out the covers and you can read the stories now, the issue will hit newsstands soon.


Read the Solange Cover Story HERE


Read the James Franco and Seth Rogen Cover Story HERE.


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