Ten years ago today one of my all-time favorite TV shows premiered “Chappelle’s Show” starring Dave Chappelle. Now the show didn’t come out here in Canada until the summer of 2003, but I had read about it and downloaded the 1st few episodes from Kazaa or whatever downloading site I was using back then and I was able to see it. The 1st episode I saw was the 1st one obviously and I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I remembered seeing Chappelle in Half Baked and his comedy special Killing Em Softly so I knew the show was going to be funny but I wasn’t expecting what I saw at the time. I loved the Popcopy sketch I related to it because I had just got a job at Champs around the time and had to watch a similar video, well not that similar but something to that effect so from there I was sold. What put it over the top was the final sketch of the 1st episode, which Chappelle even says “I don’t know how long this show will last so let me do this one to say at least I did it.” That sketch would be Clayton Bigsby the black white supremacist. Honestly that and it still is one of the funniest things I have ever seen to this day, 10 Years later and it’s still funny. I remember after watching it had to show the sketch to anyone that came by my house, I wouldn’t shut up about it.

Chappelle's Show

After that I was sold on Chappelle’s show I downloaded the entire first season and watched it and played it for friends and family and we would laugh our asses off to it. At first I felt like it was my little secret and the small circle of friends around me who knew about the show. We would say the lines at work or while hanging out or just talk about all the different things Chappelle covered on the show, mostly the racial stuff, which most of the show’s humour came from. I wasn’t offended by it I got it, I enjoyed it Dave was showing the world this is how messed up somethings are and he poked fun at it. I loved the Mad Real World sketch with 6 Black people and 1 white guy, it was a bit over the top but I mean isn’t the Real World. I wonder if Chappelle saw any money from Trading Spouses ’cause that sketch came out before the show with the same name!

One thing that to me was one of the best part of The Chappelle Show was the musical guests, Dave had his favorite MCs come by and do their thing, some of my favorite performances were De La Soul performing in their tour bus, Kanye West, Freeway and Mos Def performing in what looked like a cold ass afternoon on a bus and my all time fave Blackstarr kicking a vicious freestyle in the season finale, Mos Def’s verse is incredible.

Season one of the Chappelle’s show was comedy gold, I did buy the DVD when it came out and I have marathons at least twice a year and I still laugh and find new jokes to laugh at. The second season took the show to bigger heights with some even crazier sketches and it sucked we never got a full 3rd season or anything after that. I don’t even count the 3rd season the show stops after season 2 for me. Since Chappelle’s Show nothing has come close to touching it. Some people say Key and Peele but I don’t think those guys come close at all. Dave Chappelle created memorable original characters and pushed the boundries for cable TV at the time. I could only imagine what types of things he would do if he did the show today. Think about it there was no Facebook, Twitter or a black president the possibilities are endless. Since the show Dave hasn’t done much hopefully one day we’ll get a new show or something because Dave is great and I’d watch anything with the name Chappelle on it, TV could definitely use him right now. At least I have the DVDs to watch.

Check out last weeks TOP 10 THURSDAY featuring my 10 favorite sketches from season 1.


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