Next Tuesday January 22nd the Dave Chappelle Show will be celebrating it’s 10 Year anniversary. It’s kind of hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Dave came out and took TV by storm. I’ll post a more in depth story about my thoughts on the Chappelle Show next Tuesday, while I was writing it got me thinking about some of my favorite sketches from the show and I ended up making a top 10 list of just my favorite sketches from season 1.

Chappelle's Show

The first season had some of the funniest stuff ever, and 10 years later it’s still funny as hell. I originally wanted to post the full skits but due to copyright issues there aren’t any on YouTube or any video site. So instead are some clips and outtakes from my top ten favorite scenes.

If you have the DVDs or Downloads this will make you want to go and watch them bring a friend or two.

1. Player Haters Ball (Outtakes)

2. Mad Real World (Tron Scenes)

3. Black White Supremacist

4. Blackzilla

5. Trading Spouses

6. Reparations

7. The Dave Chappelle Story (8 Mile)

8. Piss On You

9. Wu-Tang Financial

10. Tyrone (Outtakes)

Check back on Tuesday for my thoughts on The Chappelle Show.


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