Yesterday Complex revealed Rihanna as one half of their February/March issue cover, today the second Kid Cudi was revealed as the second cover artist. Now Rihanna got 7 covers inspired by her 7 albums and Cudder well he got jipped and was given one. Not a bad thing it kind of makes life easier when it comes time to pick which Rihanna cover I want to get, hopefully all 7 will be released in Canada. It should be a good issue Cudi always has great Complex interviews and Rihanna is always nice to look at.

Check out Rihanna’s 7 and Cudi’s 1. Which Rihanna Cover will you be on the hunt for? For me I’ll be looking for the Talk That Talk cover or Good Girl Gone Bad.


Rihanna 1

Rihanna 2

Rihanna 3

Rihanna 4

Rihanna 5

Rihanna 6

Rihanna 7

The issue will hit newsstands February 4th but if you can’t wait you can read both cover stories now. I’ll wait until the 4th.

Kid Cudi Cover Story read HERE

Rihanna Cover Story read HERE


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