If you bought or downloaded Maybach Music Groups Self Made Vol. 2 you know Omarion had some of the stand out cuts on it. One of those songs was M.I.A. featuring Wale, this was a summer banger that wasn’t played anywhere. A lot people have made jokes about why is Omarion rolling with MMG, if this song been released to the masses this would have easily silenced any doubters. This song is much better than Let’s Talk and that was put out. Wale coulda come much harder with his verse but it doesn’t hurt the song or add to it. That could be a reason it was never put out as a single, but if the job of Self Made is to promote how great Rick Ross is at putting together a label why not put this out? Omarion has been around forever and this could have put him back in the R&B conversation, Chris Brown is busy making that Euro trash, Usher is collecting Justin Bieber cheques and Miguel is running it right now. Hopefully once Ross is done promoting his rappers he’ll get back to Maybach O.

Take a listen.

The song even makes for a great video, you could just picture Omarion driving around Miami in some drop top and you know the vid would have boatloads of Ciroc being poured.

What do you think should it be a single?


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