This year I celebrated my 30th birthday and as a gift my girlfriend wanted to get me something special. I decided nothing could be better than a pair of custom Nike’s using their site NikeID and what better than getting a pair of Zoom Kobe VII’s? Not just any pair, I chose to use the “Poison Dart Frog” design.

The process is easy on the site but I’d say it took me about 2 hours to come to a final decision on the colourway. I decided to go with Notaurious colours green, purple and black. For the ID portion on the back I put and 82 to celebrate the year I was born. What took long was getting the shoe, see NikeID doesn’t ship to Canada, so we had to get the shoes shipped to California and then have them sent over to Toronto. Well after a few hiccups and delays. I finally got my shoes and they’re amazing. It came out perfectly, if this option was available for Canadians I’d be getting this done at least once a year.

Check out the pics.

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