Man it’s been a minute, more like an hour since I touched the site. April is a long time since my last post. The only reason I can come up is that I just didn’t have anything to talk about to be honest. Things just busy for me outside of blogging like work at adidas which is going great, I’m also back with Manifesto working on Freshest Goods. Which is something I’m really excited about, we have some dope brands we’re working with and on the Manifesto side the clothing we’re creating is gonna amaze everyone. On the events side The Main Ingredient is still poppin’ every month, That Sh!t Cray goes down next week. I’m really excited about that.

So now I have some things to talk about and do with the site like the new layout. Which I’m still playing with. I got the domain so that will be switched over soon. The Notaurious T-Shirt Shop is gone but will be replaced with a new Freshest Goods page.

Well I just wanted to give you guys little update on what’s up and to let you know there will not be another 3 month drought again.

Now I’m off to see The Dark Knight Rises, review will be up tomorrow.


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