Holy new mixtapes!!! It’s another onslaught of new mixtapes most of these are so new I haven’t gotten a chance to take full listens like I normally do. I did hear Rich Kidd Vs DJ Nana 2 and it is some of the best Hip Hop to come out of Toronto. Another tape I heard was DJ Riccachet’s Heavy Rotation 4 Year Anniversary mix, he left no stone unturned if you ever have a house party just throw this on. The other mixtapes added to the round-up are The Game, Casey Veggies, N.O.R.E and XXL’s annual Freshmen mixtape. I don’t get why Game is doing a mixtape but their good listens, Casey Veggies I just started to get into so I can’t wait to hear his new one, you can’t go wrong with a N.O.R.E. tape and the XXL should be a good way to hear their Freshmen.

Rich Kidd VS. DJ Nana 2

Casesy Veggies – Customized Greatly 3

Game – California Republic

Mixtapes from N.O.R.E., DJ Riccachet & DJ Whoo Kid.

N.O.R.E. – Crack On Steroids

XXL & DJ Whoo Kid – 2012 Freshman 10 Mixtape

DJ Riccachet – Heavy Rotation 4 Year Anniverary Mix


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