Last night didn’t go as planned for a lot of people at the Young Jeezy show in Toronto. I was really excited for it. I only saw Jeezy once before at OVO Fest and that was a 30 minute set, so I was hyped for the full Jeezy experience. I won my tickets on Facebook so saving a couple of bucks was a good thing. I got to the show a little after 10. There was no line outside, TONS of police and security. One thing that surprised me about getting in the show was how weak of a search I got and how Sound Academy’s security was so relaxed. I joked about it earlier to some co-workers that Sound Academy is like TSA security. They go crazy violating personal space when patting you down. This time nothing, they didn’t ask to take off shoes or look in my wallet. Walking to the entrance the guys ahead of me even joked about the weak pat down.

Inside the concert was straight hood, it’s a Jeezy show it’s expected. It was busy for 10:30. As soon as I got in there I bolted for the merch table to find nothing. No merch at the Jeezy show? Foul, I mean this guy has one of the best tees to come out in a long time and he had no merch, I came prepared to get a snowman tee or something. No merch sucked but the show goes on. When I got in there with my girlfriend some openers where on, I have no idea who they were they weren’t that great. Speaking of not that great DJ Charlie Brown and Crazy Chris’ DJ and Hosting was quite boring and just annoying. They kept cutting songs and bragging about themselves. The next openers from Ottawa Canadian Currency were pretty good, I never heard of them but they sounded like they came from Atlanta. I liked their energy and stage presence, the crowd not so much they threw drinks on stage. We watched the first bit from the crowd but left after these two girls started arguing and then one just sucker punched the other in the face and ran off. It was pretty funny. Also there was just way to much smoke in the crowd so we decided to go to where the merch table was and watch the show from there. It’s a wicked little riser with a great view of the stage. I found it funny security was letting people smoke weed inside. Normally their kicking people out for that stuff, Sound Academy reaked of weed.

There’s more.

The next opener Harvey Stripes came on which I didn’t care for at all, but you could see a fight break out in the crowd. It’s expected at concert people get in each others faces shit happens, I coulda done with out the fights and a merch table. Stripes was done, Charlie Brown and Crazy Chris came back on played some music and then just left the 2 Chainz mixtape playing. By then the crowd was just getting restless, I was just talking to friends cracking jokes waiting for Jeezy to come on. Then there was a break in the music and you look up and I see everyone just running for the doors. We saw people coming by our area so we got behind the merch table.

Now I heard pops but I thought it was from the mixtape because there is an interlude with gunshots and the pops didn’t have a loud pop to them. It was a wrap after that, lights came on cops came in the spot. A lot of people left and a lot stayed hoping the show would go on but after about 15 to 20 minutes security told everyone to leave.

I gotta say I’m really disappointed in whoever brought that gun in the concert. We’re going to see a show have fun, why are you bringing a weapon unless you plan to use it. Which clearly was the case. Something like this you gotta look at security, how did that get past them. You can’t blame the promoters they aren’t the ones that let people in the doors.

Does this make me not want to go to concerts? No I’ll still go to shows, it sucks things like this happen and ruin it for people that want to have a good time and see their favourite artists live. I hope the man that got hit is ok. I also hope Sound Academy gets better security for next time.



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