Before YMCMB it was just CMB. In 1999 The Cash Money Millionaires took Hip Hop by storm, backed by Mannie Fresh beats and a deep roster of New Orleans MCs Cash Money was the biggest thing out. They had hits for days. No other crew embodies the music style that is played at That Sh!t Cray like Cash Money did and does today. I’ve rounded up some of their best classics from their legendary run, from Juvenile’s “Ha” right up to Lil Wayne’s “Hustler Musik”. Check the history of one of raps greatest labels.

B.G – Cash Money Is A Army

Juvenile Feat Lil Wayne & Mannie Fresh – Back That Azz Up

Lil Wayne Feat Juvenile & B.G. – Tha Block Is Hot

Hot Boyz Feat Big Tymers – I Need A Hot Girl

B.G. Feat Turk, Baby, Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne & Juvenile – Bling Bling (Turk is added)

More Cash Money hits.

Juvenile – Ha

Big Tymers – Get Your Roll On

Big Tymers – Still Fly

Lil Wayne – Go DJ

Lil Wayne – Hustler Musik / Money On My Mind


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