We are one week away from the return of one of my favorite parties ever, THAT SH!T CRAY!!!! This the party dedicated to bangers the ignorant stuff you like, Hip-Hop party anthems about poppin bottles, the finer things in life and shakin ass. If you ever wanted to just let loose and go nuts to that Waka Flocka song you never got a chance to at one of those parties where everyone just stands around waiting for their picture to be taken so they can see it on Facebook this your chance. If your a person that I just mentioned this isn’t for you, we don’t have a photographer and if we did he’d be in the party getting fucked up too. We moved the party from 751 to The Crawford we need more room for people to get down and throw them bows. We’re also celebrating my homie DJ Mensa’s birthday so you know it’s gonna be a wild night, especially since the bar is open until 4:00AM!!! That’s right we goin’ till the sun comes up. So I’ve given you 1 week notice, if you need to take Saturday off do it now.

Come back next week for THAT SH!T CRAY video round-up all week long.
For more info go to the EVENTS PAGE


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