This past Friday A$AP Rocky made his Toronto debut for a sold out show at The Opera House. The building was packed, I took to the balcony to watch the show. The sound was good and you can get a good view of the stage. Shockingly this was a Toronto show that was on time. I arrived at Opera House at quarter to nine and was told the opener was going on at 9:30PM. Which was good cause that meant there was time to go to Dangerous Dan’s for a burger and Poutine. If you ever go to a show at The Opera House I suggest passing by Dangerous Dan’s.

Ok back to the concert, by the time I got back the opening act Raz Fresco was finishing up it was just before 10PM. DJ Neff U held it down playing all sorts of hits to keep the crowd hyped. I have to say it was a pretty patient and relaxed crowd. I was about 2 beers deep at 10:30 and decided it was time for my third. As soon as I hit the bar, who hits the stage A$AP Rocky and A$AP Twelvy. I gotta admit I was surprised they came on so early. They started with “Pretty Flacko” which I missed while getting my 3rd Mill Street Organic. I did get back to my spot in time to see Rocky do his 1st stage dive into the crowd. They weren’t expecting that to happen and it wasn’t going to be the last time Rocky would do it. His security guard was on his toes through out the night. It was funny watching him pluck Rocky out of the crowd.

For his Toronto debut Rocky held it down. He performed mostly songs from his mixtape LiveLoveA$AP alongside Twelvy. He was engaging with the crowd smoked some weed and jumped in the crowd a total of 6 times. It was funny because you could see some girls trying to get away. The crowd was new to crowd surfing but by the 3rd time Rocky jumped in the crowd knew what to do. I felt bad for the one kid that tried to do it he came up then everyone just dropped the poor kid. The crowd was hyped singing along to all of Rocky’s songs. The only thing they didn’t know was Juvenile’s classic “Ha!”, must have been a young crowd, because on the balcony we were wilding out to it. One thing I liked Rocky seemed genuinely happy to be at the Opera House being with his fans.

The night was going great and A$AP informed us of a surprise, which in Toronto can only mean one thing, Aubrey Drake Graham will hit the stage. The crowd was pretty hyped for Drake as he came out to perform “Cameras” and “The Motto”. Thankfully he didn’t steal the show from A$AP like he did J. Cole a year ago. It’s just become the norm if Drake is town he has to show up at every show someone does. I gotta say A$AP didn’t disappoint in his Toronto debut he put on a great show, I’ll be looking forward to the next one.


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