Back in September while attending Wombmanifesto part of the Manifesto festival on of my favorite parts was when Liza Paul and Bahia Watson took the stage to do a short scene from their play Pomme Is French For Apple. They stood up and told a story in patois about a sexual encounter one of them had. It was hilarious the accents, acting it was fantastic. I was dying of laughter. I thought damn this is great where else could these ladies take this. Well the convo continued this time from the point of view of the vaginas and then it got even funnier and more raunchy. I loved it, it was so funny and original by two great actresses. I only saw what could have been 10 minutes, it was like a trailer of sorts. I wanted to hear more stories. Well the wait is finally over because next month Pomme is back! The ladies will be doing their play from February 14th to the 18th they will have a preview night on Feb 13th. I urge everyone to go and see this you have 5 chances. I’ll be there for sure.

For more info about the play visit the website,pommeisfrenchforapple.com

Buy tickets HERE.


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