We’re 12 days into 2012 and it got me thinking about something. A New Years Resolution, I haven’t done one in years and I was debating if I should do one.

Do you still do New Years Resolutions?

My answer

Like I said before I haven’t done one in years. Probably because by February it was a forgotten thought. I can’t even what any possible resolutions were. Actually I had a no drinking on weekdays resolution, I think that was my last one. I’m not dogging resolutions I get it. It’s a new year so it’s a good time to do something for the better or start doing something. But why wait for the year to change or start doing something? Why not just do it because it’s Thursday? If anything I think I’ll make a new years goal at least that way in January 2013 I can say I did this or that in 2012. Now let me go figure out a goal. Maybe save money.


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