Yesterday I posted Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover which a lot of people liked. I had spoken to some friends and we were all talking about different people we would like to see in an issue of Playboy. I highly doubt it will happen but then again Marge Simpson posed for Playboy so who knows. Below are some names that came up plus my choice.

Very doubtful of this one but if you’ve seen Lindsays Marilyn Monroe inspired shots, I think Kat Dennings would do a much better Pin-Up style shoot. She has the curves and style to pull it off nicely. She’s also had cell phone leaked pics like Rihanna so we something official would be nice.

For my other choices

This has the most chance of happening in my opinion and if Playboy threw a milli at Lindsay Ri Ri deserves the same if not more. For the last 2 years this girl has been teasing us with shots of her in next to nothing. Then there were those leaked pics from 09. We know she wants to show us the birthday suit. So someone make it happen.

Least likely, but this is Wishful Thinking. No body doubles like in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Friends With Benefits let’s get the real deal.

Honourabe Mentions
Sofia Vergara
Zoe Kravitz
Lake Bell


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