Damn it’s December 1st, where did the year go it seems like days just fly by. Well I’m not going to get all sentimental or anything like that. This isn’t one of those blogs. If you want to know what kind of blog this is check out the brand new About Notaurious page. It’s something I should have had from the start but I was lazy about it. Well better late than never, right? Another new addition is the Notaurious Music page. I’ve been working on and off with artists for awhile now and I decided to take it on once again. I enjoy it. Another new addition is The Notaurious T-Shirt Shop, I will be launching that in a big way next month, keep checking it for more brands and if you see something you like let me know.

The past few months I’ve really slacked around with the site. So like the two guys I’m in the picture with. I’m back just like I never left. The round-ups, and Top 10 Thursday will be back regularly, more “I gotta question” and “Wishful Thinking” posts as well as some other ideas I’ve had but never got around to doing. Keep coming to the site expect some fun stuff over the next 31 days.


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