The Vibonics release their debut EP with what promises to be a face smashing party at their flagship venue where they took stage for the very first time 8 months ago. Join Crossword, Kubota, Alfred, Chris, Scott and Jose as they unite and celebrate the release of their first EP as the Vibonics. The night promises a great live performance by the band along with, special guests, beach balls, palm trees, hypnotic dance moves, awkward moments of stage banter, massive smoke machine usage, a general air of promiscuous belligerence but most importantly, a fun night for all.

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An eclectic mix of individuals combined with the unique mixture of their musical influences creates the sound of the Vibonics. Hard-hitting drums working with smooth and silky bass lines, tangled in with some jazzy funky rhythms on the guitar and keyboard. Fronted by emcee Crossword and lead singer Kubota interweaving tasteful verses and hooks. Imagine “the Roots but with a funky silly soul like they just stepped off the Double Dutch Bus” Lovehard blog by Char Loro. Live, the Vibonics are known to bring the energy encouraging crowds of all walks of life to get down, nod heads and sing along. After working hard on the EP all summer, the Vibonics are excited to explode all over the stage for the EP Release Party followed by their showcase at the Soul Of The City 2011 Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Keep your eyes and ears open.


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