For years The Game has been trying to get in to lyrical bout with Jay-Z always dissing him and never getting a response from Jay. Over the weekend he put out a new song called “Uncle Otis“. No it isn’t a tribute to the Toronto Menswear store it’s the new dis song and nickname Game has given Jay-Z. Game has even made a twitter account for Uncle Otis

Should Jay-Z respond to the Game?

My answer

Hell yeah, it’s time Jay responded to him, this shit has been going on for 6 years. It’s time Jay should put an end to this guys career. Game is a talented artist but all he has done in the last 2 years is put out mixtapes and take pictures with Dr. Dre. Jay-Z on the other hand continues to make money and history. I understand why Jay wouldn’t bother with the Game because it’s Game but on the other hand how long is this gonna continue. Game continues to throw rocks at the throne it’s time Jay threw a boulder back. I don’t want a back and forth battle, just a “Takeover”/”Super Ugly” style dis record just kill him lyrically and leave it at that and then continue to bang Beyonce and get money.


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