I joke about how Wiz Khalifa is on damn near every cover out there. But I think 50 Cent has him beat, when 50 came out he was on everything they could get him on XXL, Vibe, Complex, Rolling Stone he graced their covers. Especially XXL 50 mean mugged on that magazine solo or with various members of G-Unit. I don’t blame them or the magazines, ’cause you know when Fif is on the cover your sales go up. 50 is an artist that rarely bites his tongue in his music and when it comes to magazines it’s no different.

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Check out my 3 favorite covers.

This was the biggest selling issue of XXL at the time. I remember spending my lunch money on this issue but it was worth it. I starved but I had a piece of Hip Hop magazine history.

This was hard to find but after a long search it was definitely worth the wait. To bad 50 lost the battle but this is a legendary 50 issue.

This was a great issue, just before 50 and Jay’s tour which was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The interview is great Jay and 50 we’re mad cool with each other, I like how they both wanted to own Barbershops. Too bad they aren’t friends anymore. Funny note I have that exact same shirt Jay-Z is wearing.


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