Ever see a trailer for a movie and then go to it and it’s exactly what you’d expect it to be? Well that’s Bad Teacher and I liked it. I was sold on the swearing and crazy antics that they showed in the trailer but I thought,it’s gonna be full of lil kids doing stupid things saying a bunch of one-liners. I mean they’re there but this is all Cameron Diaz. She played this part perfectly, her character Ms Halsey is a superficial, mean spirited bitch. There really isn’t anything to like about this person. She’s simply a gold digger, how she became a teacher is a shock to me because she clearly cares nothing for the kids. Her idea of teaching is showing the kids movies of classic school movies. That was one of my favorite parts of the movie, the gag runs through about half it. Have fun naming some of them. She only cares about finding a rich man to settle down with and spend all his money.

So after she’s dumped over summer vacation she tries to land an NBA player but that plan failed miserably as she said “They all wear condoms and after they have sex they take the condoms with them!” She figures the only way to land a rich man is by getting bigger breasts therefore she sets out on a mission to raise the money. She also hopes to snag the new substitute teacher played by Justin Timberlake. JT is hilarious in this movie, if he doesn’t make any more music I’m cool with that if he keeps making comedies. The entire supporting cast in the movie is super funny Lucy Punch who plays rival teacher Ms Squirrel was fun to watch Her squeaky clean attitude was the perfect opposite to Cameron Diaz. She almost stole the movie. One of the funny casting was Eric Stonestreet who plays Cam on Modern Family as Diaz’ roommate, he isn’t in the movie much but all of the scenes he’s in are funny as hell. Another great person was Jason Segal as the school gym teacher, he’s funny in everything he’s in and that’s no different here.

One thing I thought was Bad Teacher was going to be something like Bad Santa where our horrible protagonist learns that they are a horrible human being and that maybe they should change and be a better person. That’s not the case here. Our anti-hero is out to get her man and her fake boobs no matter the cost. Her motivations are purely for herself, she only decides to actually teach the kids once she finds out there’s a bonus in it for her, she doesn’t even know their names. I also liked how we didn’t see a school movie with a bunch of lil smart mouth kids or the tired old teacher tries to bond with a student story. In the end I had a good laugh Bad Teacher is a mean spirited comedy with no heart just some good laughs for about 90 minutes.


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