It’s safe to say that DJ Khaled’s single “I’m On One” featuring Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne is the song of the summer. It has memorable verses, catchy one liners, the most famous being the songs title. I mean if you look on twitter, people’s BBM or Facebook status’ everyone has it tagged.

What are you on? What does “I’m on one” mean?

My answer

I don’t have answer, I hope you guys can clear this one up for me. I mean it could be a metaphor for you’re just doing you. Or refering to the cups Drake references maybe your on 1 cup of that purple stuff, or your on one guy or girl. I guess someone will have to ask Drake since he wrote the hook. I have no idea what it means or what exactly we’re supposed to be on. So until then I’m not on one. If you know what it means please leave a comment.


6 thoughts on “I GOTTA QUESTION: I’M ON ONE

  1. “I’m on one” refers to being under the influence of a controlled substance ( specifically promethozine/syrup)…at least in this particular song. While also noting a level of confidence and feeling successful.

  2. He’s referring to cough syrup (promethazine/codiene) that turns his sprite purple or pink depending on how strong you mix it. Usually adding gummy worms neutralizes the medicine taste as well. So yeah it means he’s feeling good, but it’s because he’s slizzerd.

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