I had my doubts with the Green Lantern movie, the CG costume, Ryan Reynolds being cast and that 1st trailer that was just meh. Well the movie finally came out and all I can say is that it was just ok. After the countless great comic book films that have come out, Green Lantern should be more than just ok. I mean he’s a well enough known character, people have tattoos, rings, and can recite the Green Lantern oath like its their social insurance number.(I can’t, I just tried.)

So what did I like about Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds played Hal Jordan perfectly, but the story is the same we’ve seen it before in many comic book movies. We’re introduced to a slacker who is wasting his talents and can be something great he just doesn’t know it yet guy. Which is the perfect part for Reynolds at 1st we don’t believe he’s worthy of his Green Lantern ring. The ring chooses it’s wearer, someone who is without fear to join the legendary Green Lantern Corps. A group of intergalactic space cops that protect the universe. He is unsure of himself, and doesn’t use his powers to his full potential. The power ring allows Green Lanterns to create anything with their will power. Ryan Reynolds played a great Green Lantern too bad he had a garbage script.

There’s so much I didn’t like. One thing I thought I would have hated was the costume but I actually liked it. I didn’t look that crappy on-screen. It could have been much better. I hated how we didn’t get to see any of the other Green Lanterns, there are 6000 and we only see cameos from a few but they’re never in action. Tomar-Re, Kilowog and Sinestro are barely in the film which was such a wasted because they are so important to the Green Lantern Mythology. The 3D was just ok, it wasn’t as bad as Thor’s since this was shot in 3D but it didn’t have a big impact that it could have had given the cool powers that Green Lantern
has. The villains weren’t even that cool a giant cloud? Not cool.

I think Green Lantern was a missed opportunity. It lacked wow factor. Especially since we’ve been treated to great movies like Thor and X-Men: First Class. I really thought Green Lantern would have been DC’s version of Iron Man and start a string of DC movies to start flying out the gate. Hopefully they can make a strong sequel because they set one up. So if they work out the kinks they can get it right and give us something special.


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