I know a lot of Heat fans were expecting today to be game seven of the NBA Finals, but Dirk and his Dallas Mavericks made sure they’d be resting today and getting their ring fingers measured. I have to say I enjoyed this year’s playoffs. So much excitement and to me it was unpredictable. I really didn’t expect to see San Antonio gone in the 1st round, the Grizzlies played phenomenal and they proved they weren’t a fluke in the 2nd round. Now the Lakers who are my team no matter what, I’m so disappointed in. I would have been ok with them to get eliminated, but not swept. Like damn how did that happen? Well we know how The Mavs just wanted it way more. Once the Mavs beat the Lakers I knew they were going to the finals. There was no way Oklahoma City was going to beat them. They swept the Lakers good luck. I mean OKC put up a good fight and it was a great series but experience prevailed and Dallas became the Western Conference champs.

Now the East coast that was a little bit more predictable. I had a feeling Miami would make it to the Finals. They seemed to work out all of their kinks and the big 3 knew the chip was within their grasp. This was the only time in my history that I cheered the Boston Celtics. I mean they spanked Miami all season long, so beating them for another 4 games shouldn’t have been a problem. I was wrong, Miami was out for revenge and they wanted to make a statement in Boston and they did. I began to worry but then I thought The Bulls are a roll, they’ll just stampede into Miami and stomp out the Heat. I was wrong again Lebron and Co. became Eastern Conference champs and made it back to the Finals to meet Dallas again.

One of the reasons I didn’t want Miami to win is because I don’t want players to start to create these super teams and then we’re stuck with 4 or 6 great teams and like 20 so-so teams. The other reason is just to take that arrogant smirk off of Wade, Lebron and Bosh’s faces. I’ll be honest I didn’t care for the Finals, my team wasn’t in it so I was out also. I watched game 3 got bored stopped watching and then Dallas won. I missed game 5 which looked like it was the best game of the series. I wasn’t going to miss game 6. I was hoping Lebron would just take over and have the game of his life. I was wrong, again. Dallas wasn’t taking this series to a 7th game they were going to party in Miami. Which they did, Miami just gave up to me and Dallas just wanted it more.

I’m glad that Dallas won, Jason Kidd finally got a ring, Dirk too. They beat the “Big 3” in their 1st season. I guess that’s what you get when you start claiming you’ll have a dynasty before you even play a single game. I mean I wish it was the Lakers that beat the big 3, Phil gets his 12th ring, Kobe gets #6. The playoffs were loads of fun to watch this season. I mean at the end of the day as a fan we got some great Basketball and that’s what we want to see. In Lebron’s case we got 3 quarters of action. We saw the emergence of all of the new young talent the NBA has. I can’t wait til tip-off in October. Now I’ll go back to my regular life and Lebron will go another summer without a ring.


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