Tickets for Drakes OVO Fest on sale on Friday. I secured a sweet pair of tix for myself. From what I know the show is pretty much sold out except for the lawn seats. Sounds about right because last year’s show was without a doubt EPIC. Drake put on an amazing show but he capped it off by bringing out two huge guests Jay-Z and Emeinem. This year is looking like it will be another classic that will include The Weeknd and Rick Ross.

Who do you think Drake will bring out at this year’s OVO Fest?

My answer.

Lil Wayne seems like the most obvious first choice. If you were at last year’s show. His name came up many many times. Now Wayne will be at Molson Amphitheatre on August 19th but he has a show in Virginia the night before with Rick Ross so he could fly over and make an early visit to Toronto. Nicki Minaj is a no go since she’ll be in Washington part of Britney Spears current tour. Kanye West is a perfect choice if you want to top Jay and Em. It’s been awhile since Kanye has been to Amphitheatre maybe Drizzy can con him to come over. I think Kanye has a high probability Kid Cudi is in town the night before. So he could show up for that show and then stick around for Drake. Since I’m on the topic of Kanye let me put this potential guest out there, Eminem. Now before you think Em was already there. He was but he only did his verse from “Forever”. Now that Wayne is a free man and the whole world loves Kanye again let’s get the gang together and do the song live with all of them on stage. You want to make history that’s how you do it.

Last year Drake paid homage to his hometown by bringing out fellow MC Kardinal Offishall. Maybe go for a repeat and bring out the man that started it all, Maestro. It’s cool Drake can bring out all of his American buddies but why not show them some of the talent that Toronto has. If he was to bring out anyone else from Toronto or Canada my vote would be for Shad it’s a long shot since Shad beat him out of the Juno. I would be surprised if Justin Bieber showed up on that stage.

Now we know Drake also has his album Take Care coming out in the fall. We don’t know who is on that except for 8Ball and MJG. So for all we know we may get one of those collaborators to come out. I mean he could bring out no one or he could bring out everyone he knows. Rihanna, J. Cole, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Swizz Beatz the list goes on. Either way whatever happens this show will be legendary.


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