Before I go into my thoughts on this movie, I have one thing to say. DO NOT GO AND WATCH THE 3D VERSION.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. Go see Thor! Marvel has done it again. They rolled the dice and won. I remember when I first heard about this movie I have to say it was the only one I was worried about because I don’t really follow Thor. Which is a good thing cause I have no expectations, another good thing about that is we’ve never really seen much of this character in television or film. He’s pretty much been left to comics and some ok direct to DVD features. I did learn a little about him from the new Avengers cartoon which is also really good.

Well Thor’s big screen adventure doesn’t disappoint. One of the best things about the movie was they cast virtually unknown actor Chris Hemsworth as the title character. I think this was a brilliant move, Hemsworth will forever be known as Thor he brought the character to life in a great way bringing all his heroic virtues and even the characters short comings like his arrogance and brash attitude. The same could be said for Tom Hiddeliston as Thor’s villainous brother Loki. The film has a great cast that includes Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Natalie Portman Renee Russo and more.

The great cast was backed by a great origin story. This movie took us to a new world in the Marvel Universe previous movies like Iron Man and Hulk kept everything in the real world. Thor introduces us to the magical world of Asgard. A world ruled by Odin, Thor and Loki’s father. I wished we got to see more of Asgard you see a lot of it but it’s mostly the Palace and the Bifrost bridge shown in the movie. There will most likely be a sequel so we’ll see more next go round I’m sure. I’m not gonna tell you what happens in the movie but I’ll give you a quick rundown of the general story. Thor’s actions cause him to be banished from Asgard and he finds himself dumped in New Mexico where he meets Jane Foster an astrophysicist, while on Asgard Loki plots to take the throne.

Now we all know these movies are also set-ups for the Avengers movie that will be out next summer. So of course there are a few little surprises in this movie as well. Again I won’t say a thing but I have to say there is one really good one if you know Avengers story lines. Also stay til the very end of the credits.

Overall I enjoyed Thor, I saw it in 3D which I wish I didn’t so that’s why I say don’t bother. There wasn’t any cool 3D effects. The special effects are amazing. The action scenes are incredible but the 3D doesn’t add to it. If the movie was shot in 3D it would make sense but it wasn’t. Because if they had some scenes like Thor flying and him throwing his hammer would look so cool. And I hate 3D cause it makes things darker. Anyways I don’t want to go into a 3D bash. Bottom line Thor is good go see it.


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