I was just watching Nardwuar VS Lil Wayne interview and Nardwuar gave Wayne a record Showboys “Drag Rap“. Now Wayne said this song is the foundation of the New Orleans Bounce. He also said even though the song is from around 1990 you can play the song today and the clubs would go crazy. He continued to say that when he goes to other cities or states they don’t have a song that is as timeless as “Drag Rap”. It got me thinking Toronto must have a song that can set off any club from the 90s.

What Toronto song from the 90s can set off any club in the city?

My answer

After some long thought I think Wayne maybe right, I can’t think of any Toronto song from the 90s that can get any club going. I mean “Let Your Backbone Slide” would be the obvious choice but I don’t think if a DJ dropped that at a club night in Club District the whole place would go nuts and dance to it. Although you could probably run it at any Queen West bar or club and people would go nuts. That’s excluding the 5 million 90s themed parties that happen in the city.

If I did have to pick a Toronto song that can get the club going in any club in the city. I would vote for Kardinal Offishall’s “Ol Time Killin'”. When that song comes on everyone knows it, they do the dances from the video. I know the song came out in 2001 but in 2011 that song still gets people going and I bet in 2021 it will still be able to get people wildin’.



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